End to end solutions for manufacturing enterprises to achieve OT to IT integration

Vega Innovations & Technoconsultants Pvt. Ltd. support its manufacturing customers to leverage convergence of OT (Operational Technology) and ICT (Information & Communications Technology). It helps these industries in Digital Transformation using INDUSTRY 4.0 vision for productivity improvement and optimisation through offerings of end to end ICT based automation solutions, leveraging platform technologies right from Sensors, Process and Machine Automation, Cloud, Big Data / Analytics and accelerators such as IIOT; and driving convergence processes, Machine automation, Augmented & Virtual Reality and Machine learning. The information thus collected is utilised by various systems to support Management Functions, Enterprise Resource Plan and Manufacturing Operations.

Manufacturers are facing challenges that needs addressing


Profitability deteriorating, cashflow management is becoming critical


Low entry barrier to get into business. Competition increasing


Challenges in scaling of manufacturing, market coverage


Challenges in efficiency in all aspects of enterprise


Quality inconsistency due to excessive labour intensive processes


Hurdles in dynamic decision making due to unavailability of real-time information

Market dynamics

Market demand consolidation

Fragmented manufacturing closure Per capita steel. consumption in India rapidly increasing. 

Need for structured Marketing Sales approach

Fragmented manufacturing closure
From B2C to more B2B approach

Technology is rapidly changing

4G, 5G networks
IoT / IIoT

Rapid decision cycles

Real time accessibility,
remote control,
view of results possible 

Vega’s Maturity Model, when applied to a manufacturing enterprise, provides the manufacturer with information where it is on the path of digitalisation and what it takes to progress to the next level, while having a clear line of sight of the end goal.

Manufacturers embark upon changes urgently 

Short term changes – implement now

  • Building foundation for sustainable scalability, profitability,reducing wastage and reducing people dependency
  • Business Ops and Manufacturing Ops integration

Medium term changes – initiate now

  • Accessing overseas markets
  • Industry will transform decision making from people-heavy involvement to data driven
  • Intelligent, assisted decision making
  • Transformation to be approached step-by-step in a self-funded mode

Vega has a layered approach to the solution that uses various data sources to bridge gap between physical world and logical world to realise much needed use cases


Business Operations Management suite for Steel Manufacturers


Manufacturing Operations Management suite for Steel Manufacturers


End to end OT-IT integration projects


Digitalisation solution Blueprint for Steel Manufacturers to connect Processes, Machines, People, Systems, and Management

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